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The Shaun Tabatt Show is an interview-based program offering discussion on a variety of topics including books, music, film, and more.
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The Shaun Tabatt Show is an interview-based program offering discussion on a variety of topics including books, music, film, and more.

Jun 28, 2017

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Tom Doyle about his book Standing in the Fire: Courageous Christians Living in Frightening Times.

Here are the questions Tom and I discuss in the interview:

  • First off Tom, let’s help the listeners get to know you a bit better. Tell us the elevator pitch version of the Tom Doyle origin story. (00:39 - 02:49)
  • Next tell us how you and your wife JoAnn first got started working in the MIddle East. (02:50 - 04:44)
  • One needs to simply turn on the television or access social media to find news of terrorism and the persecution of Christians taking place all across the globe. From your vantage point, is it as bad as the news suggests or is it far worse? (04:45 - 06:55)
  • Tom, introduce us to some of the Christian’s we’re going to encounter in the pages of Standing in the Fire and share a few of their stories with us. (06:56 - 11:17)
  • How do Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego serve as an example for what it looks like for followers of Christ to stand courageously for their faith rather than merely surviving in a climate of fear? (11:18 - 13:14)
  • Is Christian persecution coming to the U.S.? (13:15 - 15:40)
  • How should American Christians respond to the global persecution of Christians? (15:41 - 18:37)
  • What do you think has been the greatest trial for you personally in spending so much time in the Middle East. (18:38 - 20:23)
  • Tom, as you think of readers getting to the final page of Standing in the Fire, what do you most hope they take away from interacting with your book? (20:24 - 25:59)
  • Tom, I know many of my listeners are going to want to find out more, so tell us where we can connect with you online and get our own copy of Standing in the Fire? (26:00 - 27:49)

About the Book:  Followers of Christ need to relearn what it means to stand courageously for their faith rather than merely survive in a climate of fear. Instead of motivating believers to action, today’s headlines appear to be paralyzing them. Standing in the Fire demonstrates the church triumphant through the lives of people who stood strong and didn’t run away in the face of overwhelming danger. These Middle Eastern heroes of faith fear God more than terrorist groups like ISIS. Supported by Tom Doyle’s commentary on events, the stories included show how these Christians are not living as victims, but victors in Christ.

About the Author:  Tom Doyle, Vice President and Middle East-Central Asia Director for e3 Partners based in Dallas, Texas, and author of four books including Dreams & Visions and Killing Christians

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Jun 22, 2017


Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Jason Jones, President of SERVE Literary & Media. We discuss his journey into the PR world, his role at SERVE, and the types of clients and projects that get his team fired up.

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Jun 15, 2017

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Timothy P. Smith about his book The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible.

Here are questions Timothy and I discuss in this interview:

  1. First off Timothy, I’d love for you to share a bit of your origin story. Tell us about some of the early experiences that helped you to develop a passion for artifacts and antiquities. (00:39 - 02:18)
  2. How did you get started looking for encrypted codes in the ancient Hebrew Bible? (02:19 - 15:37)
  3. Tell us about the initial discovery where you found your own name encoded in the Hebrew text. (15:38 - 20:17)
  4. What do you think these discoveries imply about the formation and origin of these Hebrew texts? (20:18 - 25:35)
  5. How does your work differ from Michael Drosnin’s book The Bible Code? (25:36 - 29:33)
  6. Timothy, as you think of readers getting to the final page of The Chamberlain Key, what do you most hope they take away from interacting with your story? (29:34 - 31:48)
  7. Timothy, I know many of my listeners are going to want to find out more, so tell us where we can connect with you online? (31:49 - 32:49)

About the Book:  Imagine you are a young, ambitious, successful appraiser of artifacts and antiquities—your services in demand by many of the most powerful individuals and branches of government in Washington, D. C.  Your future could not seem brighter—except for a troubling dream...with the same mysterious message...on the same exact date...three years in a row...
A True Story...Better Than Fiction
Timothy P. Smith, heir to a renowned family business responsible for construction or renovation of some of America’s most cherished landmarks, struggled to understand the significance of his recurring dream...until he had another dream--one that identified a specific location where it seemed he might find answers to his questions. So Timothy drove to a remote spot in British Columbia. There the adventure--which later led to a startling discovery in the oldest Hebrew text of the Bible--began.
It took the convergence of the sacred text, one man’s life, and modern computer technology to reveal messages that may explain dramatic world events, as well as influence every person alive today. 
Welcome to The Chamberlain Key.  

About the Author:  Timothy P. Smith is a noted appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities. He has discovered and recovered many priceless historical items, none of which has amazed and excited him as much as “the chamberlain key.” Timothy and his wife reside in Virginia.

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Jun 9, 2017

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Tahni Cullen about her book Josiah's Fire: Autism Stole His Words, God Gave Him a Voice.

Here are the questions Tahni and I discuss in this interview:

  1. Since this is your first time on the show, let’s begin by giving the listeners a chance to get to know you better. Start us off with a bit of the Tahni Cullen origin story. (00:38 - 03:01)
  2. Next I’d like to hear about those early days with your son Josiah. When did you suspect there might be something going on with him medically? (03:02 - 06:11)
  3. What were those early days like after you received Josiah’s initial diagnosis? (06:12 - 11:24)
  4. Tell us about the day Josiah began typing words on the iPad. What did he say and why was it so significant? (11:25 - 14:53)
  5. Talk to us about some of the things Josiah was sharing about angels, heaven and words of knowledge; now that you had this communications channel established. (14:54 - 18:19)
  6. Tell us about the Facebook page you’ve been using to extend the message of the book and to share some of the additional things Josiah is sharing with you. (18:20 - 24:45)
  7. What sort of a grid or worldview did you have for the supernatural when this all began and how has it shifted or changed in the midst of your unfolding journey alongside Josiah? (24:46 - 36:01)
  8. Tahni, what parting challenge or encouragement would you want to share with every reader as they’re finishing the last page of Josiah’s Fire? (36:02 - 41:58)
  9. Tahni, I know many of my listeners are going to want to find out more, so where can they connect with you online and where can they can get a copy of the book? (41:59 - 42:37)

About the Book:  First-time parents Joe and Tahni Cullen were thrust into the confusing world of autism when their toddler, Josiah, suddenly lost his ability to speak, play, and socialize. The diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder. In their attempts to see Josiah recover and regain speech, the Cullens underwent overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial struggles. While other kids around him improved, Josiah only got worse.

Five years later, Josiah, who had not been formally taught to read or write, suddenly began to type on his iPad profound paragraphs about God, science, history, business, music, strangers, and heaven. Josiah’s eye-opening visions, heavenly encounters, and supernatural experiences forced his family out of their comfort zone and predictable theology, catapulting them into a mind-blowing love-encounter with Jesus.

  • Find hope in hardship.
  • Catch a fresh glimpse of heaven.
  • Learn to hear and trust God’s voice.
  • Identify the roles of Father, Son, and Spirit.
  • Be aware of the workings of angels, and much more!

Follow a trail of truth into Josiah’s mysterious world, and see why his family and friends can no longer stay silent.

About the Author:  Tahni Cullen is a people-lover, blogger, and conference speaker who brings a powerful message of hope and restoration. Tahni worked for thirteen years at a multi-campus church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, serving in communication arts and as a ministry director. She is a freelance marketer and also performs in an original live variety show for women’s events. Tahni and her producer husband, Joe, have created an award-winning documentary called Surprised by Autism. They live with their son, Josiah, in Saint Paul, where they enjoy exploring Minnesota’s museums and destinations.

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Jun 6, 2017

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Sam Storms about his latest book Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life (Zondervan, 2017).

Here are the questions Sam and I discuss in this interview:

  1. Sam, would you mind starting us off by sharing about how you first got exposed to or encountered the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit? I know many of my listeners would be interested in hearing that part of your faith story. (00:38 - 07:57)
  2. Next let’s get into the story behind the book. How did the idea and need for Practicing the Power first begin to take shape? (07:58 - 10:45)
  3. Let’s pull together the ground you cover in chapters 2-4. How does having an earnest desire for spiritual gifts and practicing both prayer and fasting put somebody in the right posture to be ready to go deeper with the gifts of the Holy Spirit?  (10:46 - 15:08)
  4. One of the gifts I see most commonly pursued is healing. Give us some guidelines on the dos and don’ts of pursuing this gift. (15:09 - 21:10)
  5. Another thing I see often in Spirit-empowered church circles is people practicing the gift of prophecy, sharing what are sometimes referred to as words of knowledge. Give us some practical guidance and boundaries for the prophetic. (21:11 - 25:43)
  6. I loved the title that was used for chapter 9. Talk to us about “User-Friendly Deliverance.” (25:44 - 28:49)
  7. What does it mean to quench the Spirit and how can we avoid doing that? (28:50 - 31:03)
  8. If we had the ability to put you in front of every reader as they finish the last page of Practicing the Power, what challenge or parting word of encouragement would you want to share with each of them? (31:04 - 33:16)
  9. Sam, if the listeners want to connect with you and find out more about your books, where should they go on the web? (33:17 - 34:47)

About the Book:  The Bible teaches us that we are to be filled with God's Spirit and that God's presence and grace is manifested among his people as they serve, love, and minister to one another. Yet some of the gifts that God offers to his people aren't commonly seen in many churches today. Gifts of prophecy, healing, tongues, and other supernatural gifts of God seem to be absent, and many Christians are unsure how to cultivate an atmosphere where God's Spirit can work while remaining committed to the foundational truth of God's Word.

How can Christians pursue and implement the miraculous gifts of the Spirit without falling into fanatical excess and splitting the church in the process? In Practicing the Power, pastor and author Sam Storms offers practical steps to understanding and exercising spiritual gifts in a way that remains grounded in the word and centered in the gospel.

With examples drawn from his forty years of ministry as a pastor and teachers, Storms offers a guidebook that can help pastors, elders, and church members understand what changes are needed to see God move in supernatural power and to guard against excess and abuse of the spiritual gifts. If you long to see God's Spirit move in your church and life, and aren't sure why that isn't happening or where to begin, this book is for you.

About the Author:  Sam Storms (PhD, University of Texas) is founder of Enjoying God Ministries, which provides biblical and theological resources to the body of Christ. He is also the senior pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City and a former professor. Storms travels both in the United States and abroad, speaking at churches and conferences. He is the author of over two-dozen books and a contributor to the Zondervan Counterpoints volume Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today?

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